12 Uses For Leftover Coffee Grounds

by January 17, 2018

Enjoying a great cup of coffee is the best way to start your day. But it turns out your favorite drink is even better than you thought, because the benefits keep coming after you’re done with it — as long as you save the coffee grounds. Check out how coffee can improve your life long after you’ve had your morning cup.


How the Humble Coffee Bean Became the Beverage of Choice

by January 10, 2018

Legend has it that coffee was first discovered in the ninth century by goat herders in Ethiopia when they noticed that their goats appeared to dance after consuming coffee berries found on the ground. Well, that was enough to tempt the herders into trying the beautiful berries for themselves. They made a drink out of them and realized that the stimulant beverage could give them the energy that the goats had after consuming the coffee berries.