What’s in a name?

by November 17, 2016

Defining No-Brew Coffee

It’s been almost a year since we sold the first cups of Sudden Coffee — time really flies. Over the last year, we’ve always referred to ourselves as ‘really great instant coffee’. However, as of late, we’ve felt like it’s a name that just doesn’t fit who we are or why we make Sudden Coffee.

We’ve realized it’s time to redefine who we are and what we make.

Evolving Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is perfect for when you’re in a bind — when you’re camping or heading on a plane — it’s fast, convenient & affordable. Instant coffee deserves a TON of credit. First invented in 1881, instant coffee brought coffee into many people’s homes for the first time by making it really easy to whip up a cup of coffee without needing a grinder or coffee pot.

But we didn’t just make Sudden Coffee because it’s convenient — we made Sudden Coffee for the taste. We believe everyone should have access to pour-over, cafe quality coffee, no matter where you live (especially for those of us without a cafe near by). Moreover, we specifically designed Sudden Coffee so you can drink it every day — on the way to work, when you’re cooking breakfast, or in between a busy day of meetings.

While Sudden Coffee shares many attributes with instant coffee — most notably, the powder appearance — we’ve realized that calling it instant coffee misrepresents what Sudden Coffee is. To us, Sudden Coffee is ‘No-Brew Coffee’.

No-Brew Coffee tastes like coffee you brewed yourself or got at a cafe — except we did the brewing for you. It’s something you’ll enjoy having everyday, because it tastes that good. While instant coffee is about affordability & convenience, no-brew coffee is about flavor & consistency. No-brew coffee makes great coffee easy.

No-Brew Coffee is About Taste

Our goal is to serve you coffee you’ll want to drink everyday with:

  • Pourover Style Flavor
  • Smoothness & Complexity
  • Consistently Great
  • Easy & Convenient — you simply can’t screw it up

So next time you wake up and feel a little too tired to brew your coffee by hand, we hope you’ll look to a no-brew coffee like Sudden Coffee.