Suddenly Tipsy! Our first cocktail recipe

by March 2, 2017

You can mix Sudden with almost anything…

Just add Sudden to any recipe for an extra coffee kick — without diluting the taste (simply not possible with regular coffee!).

Last weekend we challenged our bartender Spencer Ayer to make a cocktail with a tube of Sudden Coffee. And oh. em. gee. did he deliver! Here’s what this creative genius came up with:

A ‘Suddenly Tipsy’ — photo by Natasha Arora

‘Suddenly Tipsy’ Cocktail

1 Sudden Coffee tube

3 Parts — Whiskey

1 Part — Benedictine

6 Dashes — Angostura Bitters

Orange Zest

Mix & serve on the rocks with an orange garnish!

This might just be our new favorite cocktail. Not too sweet. Not too bitter. And we might be biased, but the coffee tastes amazing!

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