What Are You Waiting Fore?

by August 9, 2017

We’re excited to introduce our newest coffee, Fore! Subtly fruity and pleasantly bright, this coffee reminds us of an Arnold Palmer with peach tea and raspberry lemonade. We even looked to the golf legend for our blend name! And it just so happens that this is our fourth coffee offering – AKA Coffee Number Fore!)

Fore! is all about treating yourself – whatever that means for you! Sip it iced if you like to lay out in the sun, or drink it hot to power up for summer adventures. Listen to yacht rock, wear pastels, go skydiving or just chill in the yard. Do you, and Fore! is along for the ride.


We’re serving Fore! for a limited time (about a month), until we run out. To try it, you can head here and join the club. Already a member? You’ll receive Fore! in your next mailing!

Who Grew The Coffees?

Fore! is a blend of two single-origin coffees, one from Colombia and one from Guatemala. These beautiful coffees were sourced and roasted by our friends at 49th Parallel.

From our Guatemalan component, we taste a mellow, sweet fruit note that reminds me of peaches. The Guatemalan coffee also contributes a subtle black tea flavor.

The Colombian Coffee kicks in a brighter fruit note in the background. Josh thinks it tastes like raspberry lemonade, but I like to call it pizazz-berry!

From Colombia

Our Colombian coffee was grown by three smallholder farmers in Samaniego, part of the Nariño department. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Nariño’s lush mountains provide the ideal terroir for growing coffee. Coffee is the seed of a fruit, so it’s greatly impacted by growing conditions – and you can taste the difference!  In Nariño’s high altitudes, the coffee fruit matures slowly, developing incredible complexity.

From Guatemala

Our Guatemalan component was grown in San Jose Poaquil, a few hours northwest of Antigua. Poaquil’s residents are mostly of Kaqchikel Mayan descent. Coffee is grown in the mountains of Poaquil, by smallholder farmers – this particular lot of coffee was produced by several different families. Our roaster partner, 49th Parallel, selected these coffees for their sweetness and flavor clarity, and then combined them to create this exceptional lot!

Fore Coffee Stats

For the hardcore coffee geeks, here are the stats on Fore!’s blend components! These coffees were roasted by the unparalleled 49th Parallel.

Who Roasted The Coffees?

These coffees were sourced by Laura and roasted by Sasa at 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters, based in Vancouver, BC. We love working with 49th because of the meticulous care in all they do –   from sourcing the most delicious coffees, to maintaining supply chain transparency, to roasting each small batch with an innovative, data-driven approach. 49th works directly with coffee farmers who share their passion for craft and quality. They specialize in building long-term partnerships with farmers, working mutually to ever refine and hone their processes. The result? Amazing coffee, year after year, that just keeps getting better.

Why are Sudden’s Blends Special?

Sudden creates blends with a totally unique method: we combine the coffees after brewing and drying. Why is this so different?

Every coffee needs slightly different brewing conditions to taste its best. But with a traditional blend, you’re really brewing two or more coffees at once. This means you can’t get the best flavor from either coffee!

Sudden’s blends – like Fore! – are radically different. We brew and dry two coffees separately – preparing each with its own individual specifications. Then we blend them together afterward! This allows us to bring out the best flavors from each coffee, before combining them in precise ratios.

Thank you!

As with all our blends, I developed Fore! with our members in mind. Our coffee lovers requested something fun, fruity, and naturally sweet – and I hope Fore! fits the bill!

We’d love to hear what you think about our newest blend! To try it out —join the club!

Thank you and stay amazing 🙂

— Umeko, Head of Coffee



In preparing to make this announcement, we did a little Q&A with Josh Zloof, Sudden Coffee’s Cofounder & CEO:

Sudden Coffee: What are your goals in selecting coffees?

Josh Zloof: Our main goal is to create an interesting experience for our members. It’s not just about how the coffee tastes (really frickin good!), it’s about how we can make you feel. With every new coffee, we want to introduce you to something a little different, something special. We want to help you relax and be comfortable, but we also want to create a little spark of intrigue.

SC: How do you think this coffee tastes?

JZ: I’m constantly amazed by how complex and different these coffees can taste. I used to be a skeptic before meeting Kalle & Umeko, but the coffees really do have a wide range of flavors – Helvetica was much rounder – it kind of reminded me of brownies. This new coffee, Fore!, truly does have a lemonade-like taste!

SC: Where do the differences in taste come from?

JZ: The beans themselves have a huge impact. Coffee farms are similar to vineyards – everything from soil, moisture, elevation to ripeness when picking or washing methods have huge impacts on taste. The best farms do a lot of labor intensive work to bring the best out of each tree (just like a top vineyard in Napa Valley). Skillful roasting, brewing, and freeze-drying are also critical to bring the best out of each bean once they are picked, but so much is impacted by the farms themselves (and most of us don’t even know it!).