The Extreme Coffee Practices of David Lynch

by August 11, 2017

David Lynch is the high priest of the unsettling, uncanny, and unnerving, and possibly the coffee-lovingest film director of all time.  He also has an unsettling and unnerving coffee habit. He credited coffee and sugar for giving him ideas, and not just one or two–he got SO MANY ideas! “I like things to be orderly,” Lynch told a reporter in 1990. Orderly! So this is not a frenetic or jagged coffee experience, it’s a highly deliberate coffee and sugar routine. After all, Lynch meditates daily, and is a huge advocate for Transcendental Meditation.

For seven years I ate at Bob’s Big Boy. I would go at 2.30 after the lunch rush. I ate a chocolate shake and four, five, six, seven cups of coffee–with lots of sugar. And there’s lots of sugar in that chocolate shake. It’s a thick shake. In a silver goblet. I would get a rush from all this sugar, and I would get so many ideas! I would write them on these napkins. It was like I had a desk with paper. All I had to do was remember to bring my pen, but a waitress would give me one if I remembered to return it at the end of my stay. I got a lot of ideas at Bob’s.

Coffee was ALL OVER Twin Peaks. Agent Cooper, played by Kyle Mclaughlin, was known for his love of coffee, especially that Damn Good Coffee, or that Damn Fine Cup of Coffee:

Remember? Ah yes. But you don’t have to. Twin Peaks is back!

  • Lisa M. Geller

    Love David Lynch. Love Twin Peaks (the new season is amazing). Love Coffee (and I’m looking forward to the new Fore coffee in my mailing this month). Enjoyed this blog post.

    • Sudden Coffee

      Thank you Lisa! We’re so glad you liked it!

    • Twin Peaks was the first show I ever watched in its entirety. It had to be watched as it was broadcast, weekly, which, in a world of instant gratification, has its own delight. Funny how TV watching has become so easy, and coffee-making (grind, pour over, etc) has become so laborious. IMO: Keep your coffee fast, and your culture slow.

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  • Rkatx

    My intro to Sudden was a success! This stuff has some kick. I found out about SUDDEN not thru the net, not thru adverts but from the rumors on the street!! ‘Word on the street is this is the shit’!!! So I followed the street cred and the street gossip was right. I’m hooked just after 2 cups..

    • Sudden Coffee

      Awesome!! That’s why we’re here!