Sudden Productivity: How Our Founder Added 30 Minutes to His Morning Routine

by August 31, 2017

We’ve heard it before- In the era of ultra-connectedness sometimes the single best thing you can do for your mental well being is disconnect. Sudden founder and self described night owl, Joshua Zloof, tells us how disconnecting and switching from Cafe coffee to Sudden actually turned him into a morning person.


Here’s how Josh told us he “Sudden Hacked” his way to enjoying his early mornings:

  1. Before bed I turn my phone on silent and switch it into airplane mode. This way I don’t get any notifications during the night and I’m not tempted to check my phone first thing when I wake up.
  2. My alarm goes off. I get up and turn the electric kettle on (1 minute for hot water!) and make myself a cup of Sudden.
  3. Because I’m no longer brewing or buying my morning coffee at a cafe, I have time to do something purely for pleasure in the mornings. I like to read a non-work related book for about 30 minutes (I still haven’t turned my phone off airplane mode). Here’s what I’m currently reading: His Excellency
  4. After I’ve had my coffee and read a bit, I meditate for 15 minutes. This has really been life changing for me. I use the app HeadSpace, you can try it here. 
  5. Once I’ve meditated, I’ll shower and get dressed and only then do I take my phone off airplane mode and check my notifications. By this time, I’m ready for them.

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