Sudden Heroes: Ludwig Van Beethoven

by September 6, 2017

Do you get a high out of knowing exactly how many ounces of water go into each cup of your morning coffee? Do you own an array of measuring bowls and spoons in different shapes and colors? Do you have a precise routine that gets you prepared to face society each day? Does simply reading and agreeing with this have a soothing effect on your psyche?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you will probably appreciate the discerning and exacting nature of fiery German composer Ludwig Van Beethoven’s morning ritual. Beethoven preferred his coffee made with precisely 60 beans, no more, no less. He was so convinced that this was the right amount of beans for the perfect cup, that he insisted on counting each bean himself. Once he had confirmed that each bean was accounted for, he would grind them and add his preferred amount of water. According to coffee experts, this is around 10 beans less than the average modern cup of coffee contains, however due to the purity of the beans themselves in Beethoven’s time, this concoction would have produced a hell of a caffeine high.


Was Ludwig Europe’s first coffee snob? We think not. There’s a certain French philosopher who gives him a run for his money. Stay tuned to our Sudden Heroes series to find out who it is…

Need a coffee break? Here is some Beethoven to inspire you:

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