Sudden Heroes: Adam Goldberg

by September 12, 2017

This week’s Sudden Hero is Adam Goldberg, the editor in chief of Drift Magazine. Drift is a beautifully curated publication that focuses on the unique coffee culture of one city per issue, “Drift is about coffee, the people who drink it, and the cities they inhabit.”. Adam is a self described software engineer who loves food, “I’m not a restaurant critic, nor am I involved with food professionally. I’m a software engineer who has a passion to eat and share my culinary experiences. Most importantly, I love food”. In addition to being the editor of Drift, Adam also runs an amazing food and restaurant blog titled, A Life Worth Eating.


Here, Adam tells us a little bit about his personal relationship with coffee, the adventures it has taken him on, and what he likes about Sudden.


1. First off, how do you like your coffee?
Usually brew V60; black; though recently I’ve been using drip methods with tighter control over the flow rates.

2. For many people, coffee is more than simply a wake-me-up. Aside from the boost, what do you love most about coffee?
Coffee is this ubiquitous beverage that’s permeated all aspects of our lives, from sitting on the table during some of the most important events in history to bringing old friends together. Aside from the obvious: that coffee tastes great, I love how it creates community.

3.We recently profiled Patti Smith, who’s love of coffee took her to Veracruz to taste what author William Burroughs called “the best beans in the world”. Has coffee taken you on any adventures?
Coffee has been the enabling tool for many adventures! We travel a lot for work and when visiting a new city, we start by creating a list of its specialty coffee shops. They’re often located in a city’s art & design districts. That was the initial inspiration for our coffee magazine Drift, using coffee as a way to explore a city. We realized that just through the process of trailing coffee shops, we ended up seeing so much of a city, meeting so many great people, and having a lot of fun while doing it.

4.We love your magazine Drift, it’s so fun to see a glimpse of coffee culture in different places throughout the world. What’s something interesting about coffee culture that you’ve learned while working on the magazine?
Specialty coffee and the shops that serve it are growing fast in cities around the world, but each country has its own formula to make it work. In the US, it’s about the morning rush where customers stop by for a coffee before work: that’s usually the busiest time of day. In Tokyo, the coffee shops don’t open until the late morning; they’re more of a meeting place for friends. In Australia, most the coffee shops are full-blown restaurants serving high quality, vegetable-driven, familiar food like avocado toasts and acai bowls. And other places, like Mexico City, are still trying to figure out how to make it work.

5. And finally, what’s your take on gourmet instant coffee?

I always have a vial of Sudden with me. When I’m on the road, in a hotel, on an airplane, or even visiting my mom there is no easier way to prepare a great cup of coffee than just adding water.

Learn about specialty coffee in Mexico City and check out the latest issue of Drift Magazine here.

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