4 Essential Tips on How To Be More Productive

by October 10, 2017

Many people make up to 35,000 decisions a day, which can lead to decision fatigue.

Decision Fatigue:

You know, like when you mindlessly scroll through Netflix for 45 minutes and can’t find a single show or movie to watch.

Or standing in front of your closet in the morning, bleary eyed and convinced you don’t have any decent clothes.


Productive Passion

The most successful people in the world have three things in common:

First, they’re passionate about their work.

Second, they know how to be productive with their passion.

Lastly, they know how to eliminate decision fatigue!

You’re probably wondering right now:

“Okay, that’s great to know but how do I become more productive?”

4 Essential Tips on How To Be More Productive

1. Have a Uniform

Many people claim that having a “uniform” and eliminating the stress of choosing what to wear everyday helps them be more successful- Think Steve Jobs’ turtlenecks and Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodies.


2. Eliminate Morning Tasks

According to Dr. Kelly McGonigal, health psychologist and author of The Willpower Instinct:

Eliminating decision making tasks in the morning can make you more productive throughout the day. One great way to save on brain power in the morning is to get ready for work the night before.

3. Write a To-Do List Before Bed

Be like American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault: 

Write down at least 3 things you’d like to accomplish the next day before you go to bed. This helps you get straight to work the next day instead of spending your mornings trying to figure out what to do first.


Check out our founder, Joshua Zloof’s “game changing” tips for creating a more efficient and peaceful morning routine.


4. Get Your Coffee Delivered

Eliminate even more decision making from your mornings by having your favorite coffee delivered to your door. No mess, no expensive machine, no stressful decision making- just great coffee.


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