Have You Met My Aunt Bonnie?

by November 13, 2017

Our newest coffee reminds me of my aunt:

The sweetness invokes blackcurrants (Aunt Bonnie loves them candied). It’s balanced with a complex acidity, like her favorite ruby red grapefruits. And the aftertaste reminds me of clove, bringing to mind Bonnie’s rows of baking spices.

It’s an incredible coffee:

And my Aunt Bonnie – poet, musician, homemaker and wild child – is an incredible person. She can out-cuss a sailor and out-bake a baker. She loves without conditions, and she reminds me of everything family can be. And I am very excited to name this coffee after her!

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Who Grew The Coffee?

This single origin coffee was grown in Nakuru County, Kenya, on a mountain estate called Teremuka. In addition to coffee, this region is also known for its bird sanctuaries – especially Lake Nakuru National Park, where millions of flamingos come to breed. Teremuka Estate was established by European settlers in the mid-20th century. After Kenyan independence, the estate was reorganized in the 1970s by the farm workers, who took over ownership and established a formal cooperative.

Who Roasted The Coffee?

This coffee was roasted by our friends at Equator Coffees. Established in 1995, Equator specializes in sustainable, transparently sourced coffee – grown on the highest quality farms around the world, and roasted in small batches in the Bay Area.

Equator is deeply committed to social and environmental issues. In 2011, they became a certified B (Benefit) Corporation – meaning they meet rigorous standards of accountability, transparency, and social and environmental performance. Think of it as similar to a Fair Trade certification for a business.

We collaborated with Equator’s experts to create the perfect roast for this coffee. By tailoring their roasting time and temperature just for Aunt Bonnie, they brought out incredible sweetness, complex fruit notes, and a comforting spiced finish.

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My Aunt Bonnie and I at Christmas last year

Thank you!

I picked Aunt Bonnie with the season in mind. As we come up on the holidays, I wanted to share something that reminded me of family. Just like my aunt, this coffee is comforting, naturally sweet, and undeniably unique. I hope you love it!

To try it out —join the club! Thank you and stay amazing 🙂

— Umeko, Head of Coffee


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For the diehard coffee fans, here are all the stats! Aunt Bonnie was roasted by our friends at Equator Coffees.



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