3 Ways to Get Hot Water On the Go

by December 20, 2017
To enjoy the best instant coffee on the go, you’ll need access to hot water. Fortunately, finding hot water doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are three ways you can get access to hot water no matter where your day takes you.

Ask for Hot Water at Restaurants

Most restaurants will give you water, either hot or iced, at no cost to you. You’ll just need to ask for hot water in a paper to-go cup. Instead of overpaying for bad restaurant coffee that’s been sitting in the pot too long, you can mix your own fresh instant coffee that’s full of flavor. When the waitress brings you your check, you can ask for hot water to use to make your own coffee at the restaurant or to take with you to have hot coffee back in the office. That way, you can have another cup of coffee back at your office.

Microwave Water

You can always microwave a mug of hot water. There are microwaves available in many office break rooms, homes of friends, and even family areas of malls and retail stores. My favorite microwave to access on the go is at the family area of a mall. The kids can play in the play area while I enjoy delicious coffee I didn’t spend a fortune on in the mall food court. It tastes better and I stick to my original budget plan.

Use a Thermos

Taking a thermos of hot water with you means you can make instant coffee when you need. Depending on the thermos, it can keep your water hot all day. It’s the perfect solution for that fresh coffee flavor when you normally wouldn’t be able to get coffee…like the carpool line, sitting in a waiting room, or on a hike. A simple thermos of hot water can transform otherwise boring situations into “me time” with delicious coffee.

Invest in a Hot Pot

If you need hot water frequently, there’s always a hot pot designed for use in your car. This is ideal if you often find yourself on long commutes. The hot pot will heat up water in only a few minutes from the convenience of your car. People use the water from their hot pots for instant coffee, tea, ramen noodles, hot chocolates, and many other tasty treats.

Now that you know where you can get hot water on the go, it is time to invest in quality instant coffee to mix with the water. Sudden Coffee‘s coffee subscription delivers the best instant coffee, unlike what’s carried in grocery stores. This way, you’ll always have access to great coffee you’ll love.

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