Suddenly Determine a Great Cup of Coffee

by December 27, 2017

Coffee is a staple in almost every culture. And what makes a great cup of coffee is always subjective. One person may like it strong and black, another may prefer mild with cream and sugar. There is no wrong way to drink coffee, but here are some things you can look for to determine a great cup of coffee!


The strength of the coffee is up to you and really depends on whether you prefer something mild, medium, or dark. The strength of the coffee is determined by the coffee bean, how long you brew it, and how hot the water is that you add to it. It also depends on how much water to coffee crystal ratio that you use. The more water, the weaker the coffee, and vice versa. Here at Sudden Coffee, we send you a different coffee every month so that you can try different strengths for yourself and determine which is your favorite.


Every coffee bean has a different taste depending on where it was grown and what other ingredients were added to it. There are holiday coffees, fruity coffees, nuttier coffees; really, anything you can think of, you can find. At Sudden Coffee, we like to choose different coffee flavors each month that really reflect the time of year and give you a unique coffee experience.


Texture, in coffee, depends on the smoothness of the beans. And it also depends on what you add to the coffee. If you add milk or creamer, you’ll receive a creamier texture. Our coffee beans are always smooth and are certain to give you the best texture. Just pair it with your favorite ingredients, or leave it black and enjoy it as is!


Temperature is very important for coffee. As stated previously, the temperature of your coffee can affect the strength, the taste, even the texture. If you have the temperature too hot, you can burn the beans, or in our case, our coffee crystals. You don’t want to boil your coffee beans or crystals because that removes a lot of that delicious flavor. The perfect temperature is between 195 F (91 C) and 205 F (96 C).

Ease of Creation

Our greatest strength here at Sudden Coffee is that our product is the simplest for you to use. Our ease of creation process makes it as easy as mixing our coffee crystals with water and then enjoying the result. You don’t have to worry about grinding the beans, or even brewing the coffee, and as part of our membership, we even deliver the coffee right to your door! Our product is faster, easier, and more delicious than instant coffee or regular coffee combined.

So, if you want a great cup of coffee, try Sudden Coffee today!

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