Don’t Get Into Hot Water: 3 Ways to Heat Up Your Travels

by January 24, 2018
Keeping caffeinated while traveling can make you feel a little strung out. Gas station coffee is a step above sludge, and those hotel coffee pots are so full of bacteria, they’re practically health hazards. Stay sane with these three options to heat your own water.

Electric Kettles

One of the most time-tested ways to heat water on the road, the electric kettle of today has much improved since its Hot Pot origins.
Pros: electric kettles heat up water the same way your stove top kettle does–only without the stove. You can get boiling-hot water in only a few minutes.
Cons: many electric kettles are bulky and cumbersome. You need an outlet to plug in the kettle, so they’re not the best for off-the-grid camping.
Best model: the Gourmia GK360 Foldable Electric Kettle does exactly what the name implies. This kettle folds up into a tight disc and unfolds into a kettle that holds nearly one quart of water. It automatically shuts off when there is no water in the kettle, so you never need to worry about it being a fire hazard.

Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters are great for heating up water on long trips via airplane because they fit neatly inside your luggage and are huge space savers.
Pros: they are portable and don’t take up too much space in your luggage.
Cons: many users complain that the water doesn’t get hot enough.
Best model: the Simply Silver 10″ Stainless Steel 1000W-110V Water Heater heats up water much faster than most portable immersion heaters. It can handle larger cups of coffee and doesn’t scorch the water like other immersion heaters.

Heated Travel Mugs

If you’re planning on hitting the open road, you might want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee without heading for the nearest exit on the highway. Heated travel mugs that use the cigarette lighter in your car are the easiest way to do just that.
Pros: you don’t need special equipment to heat up your caffeinated beverage; simply plug in your mug and drink.
Cons: water doesn’t get boiling hot.
Best model: the Tech Tools Heated Smart Travel Mug with Temperature Control 12V has a temperature gauge right on the side of the mug, so you’ll always know how hot your coffee will be — before it even hits your lips.
Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you can’t still drink your favorite blend. Stay caffeinated while steering clear of roadside coffee.

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