Sudden Head of Coffee, Umeko Motoyoshi, Explains Our Latest Blend

by August 29, 2017

Our most recent blend, FORE! is fruity and delicious- perfect for warm Summer days.

“The San Francisco company’s fourth, and limited edition Fore! blend, from Colombia’s Nariño region and from San Jose Poaquil in Guatemala, is reminiscent of a peach lemonade—it’s even better without sweetener, so as to let the fruity notes shine through. It’s great as an iced brew as well.” – The Epoch Times


Sudden Heroes: Patti Smith

by August 24, 2017

Coffee is artist and writer Patti Smith’s beverage of choice, and much like David Lynch, she’s not picky. On the advice of writer William S. Burroughs, Smith travelled to Veracruz, Mexico to taste the best coffee beans in the world- but she’s also cool with grabbing a large cup of 7- Eleven and a glazed donut. Like many artists, Smith’s love of coffee appears to be more than a craving, her creative process depends on it:   (more…)