Sudden Recipes: The Sudden Soda

by August 16, 2017

It’s sort of like iced coffee, sort of like coffee flavored LaCroix. One of my favorite things about Sudden is it’s versatility. Our latest blend, Fore!, is amazing over ice with a little bit of cream- but if you want to try something entirely new, try mixing your Sudden with sparkling water!


The Extreme Coffee Practices of David Lynch

by August 11, 2017

David Lynch is the high priest of the unsettling, uncanny, and unnerving, and possibly the coffee-lovingest film director of all time.  He also has an unsettling and unnerving coffee habit. He credited coffee and sugar for giving him ideas, and not just one or two–he got SO MANY ideas! “I like things to be orderly,” Lynch told a reporter in 1990. Orderly! So this is not a frenetic or jagged coffee experience, it’s a highly deliberate coffee and sugar routine. After all, Lynch meditates daily, and is a huge advocate for Transcendental Meditation.


What Are You Waiting Fore?

by August 9, 2017

We’re excited to introduce our newest coffee, Fore! Subtly fruity and pleasantly bright, this coffee reminds us of an Arnold Palmer with peach tea and raspberry lemonade. We even looked to the golf legend for our blend name! And it just so happens that this is our fourth coffee offering – AKA Coffee Number Fore!)